Where the Wind Blows East-srilanka

Where the Wind Blows East

The truth is, everyone dreams of being whisked away to a dream location to forget all their troubles and live their best life. We see living a full life as having all the money and the cars, free to move around as we wish, just like the winds. That true living is being in a state of full rest and access to every desire of the heart.

I’ve had the dream where I strive for money and fame. The one where I live in a castle, married to the Prince of Wales with four grey poodles and a polo court for a backyard. The dream in which I am a size six and always wearing Dulce and Gabana with a baby blue Bentley. All until I realized that all these things don’t enrich my soul. All until I realized that my true fulfillment comes from something much deeper.

I still want to be whisked away by the winds, but not to a private island. Westerly winds carry me to the east coast. Carry me to the land of colour and culture. Take me to India. Not so I may live a higher materialistic life, but a higher calling life. Take me deep into the land where my heart will break and hurt till I have no other option but to move. Whisk me to where my freedom may look like the movements of one aware of the suffering in the world. Where I may be free to follow my heart fully. Winds blow me to the east.



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I am on the search for freedom!

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